Björk – MOMA Black Lake Installation
by Andrew Thomas Huang


MOMA Black Lake Installation

In 2015 The MOMA presented a retrospective of the multifaceted work of composer, musician, and singer Björk. As part of the exhibition, Huang collaborated with Björk to create 'Black Lake': an immersive music and film experience built around the song of the same name. Attendees viewed the 10-minute music video inside what is essentially a human-scale embodiment of the song.

Using a computer-based analysis of the song design studio The Living applied its sound map onto the ceiling and walls of the room such that each inch of surface corresponds to one second of the song. The team then translated the sound map into a topological map using 6,000 unique felt cones that create an isolated performance venue fine-tuned for ‘Black Lake’.


Creative Direction by Andrew Thomas Huang