Hommage to Joan Miró’s Logo
by Mau Morgó

Hommage to Joan Miró’s Logo, 1983

Shadow revealing sculpture.

The piece evolves around an astronomical event, where the sun’s movement narrates this story that can only happen once every year and in one specific location.

Without the sun's light is impossible to understand the meaning of the sculpture, its just a strange group of distorted forms and letters floating over the sand, but when the sun gets in position, everything makes sense.

Turespaña´s logo was created by Joan Miró and its considered his last art work. This logo was one of the first abstract logotypes to represent a country and its still in use Coinciding with its 35th anniversary and with a big retrospective of Miró's work in the exhibition "The Force of Matter" at Mudec (Museum of Cultures in Milan). We created this hommage for the exhibition. 

Direction: María Sosa & Mau Morgó

Production: O Creative Studio 

DOP: Oriol Barcelona

Music: E.Joy