Protected: Object & Animal June 2019
by morgan

Object & Animal

Filip Custic

Instagram Face Filter 'Fibonacci'

FKA twigs

Instagram Face Filter 'Cellophane'

Karim Huu Do

Sprite 'Haters'

Natalie Rae

Global Goals 'The Future is Now'

Amber Grace Johnson

Champion 'Dare to be a Champion'

Filip Nilsson

PwC 'Trustfall'

Diana Kunst

A$AP Rocky ft. FKA twigs 'Fukk Sleep'

Andrew Thomas Huang

FKA twigs 'Cellophane'


Behind the Scenes of 'Cellophane', directed by AnAkA

Matthew Stone

FKA twigs Artwork

Amber Grace Johnson


Matias & Mathias

The Humane League 'The Party's Over'

Matias & Mathias

Ecover 'L'Eau de Bebe'

Dan Regan

Sleek Magazine 

Filip Custic

'Homo-?' Exhibition

Nick Harwood

KENZO 'Eclipse'

Alba Yruela