SSENSE x Adidas ‘Infinite Silence’
by Max Luz

x Adidas


Max Luz

Max Luz and Kojey Radical team up on a visual poem about mental health.

The digital age has irrevocably changed the mind-body relationship. It has provided us with a multitude of arenas to hone our physical bodies, and to project them in images, but very few places for internal reflection. In a new short film for adidas, German writer/director Max Luz and UK poet/rapper Kojey Radical speak to the need for genuine human connection in the internet era. The two artists come together over the subject of mental health, an issue very close to both of them, to encourage a dialogue through their cinematic poem. The film is an invitation to a conversation: what kind of health do we champion? Where the physical body is often at the center of how we talk about well-being, it is the more challenging discussions on mental health that are imperative to elevate. We all yearn for our own absence. We all need relief from ourselves. And this is why we need to speak.