Sydney Opera House ‘Austral Flora Ballet’
by Andrew Thomas Huang

Sydney Opera House

'Austral Flora Ballet'

Austral Flora Ballet is the title of this year’s Lighting Of The Sails for the Opera House, a lush and visceral light projection that will transform the famous building’s sails with artwork of dancing digital sculptures inspired by Australia’s native flora.

It will be crafted from five beloved floral gems: New South Wales Waratah, Kangaroo Paw, Hakea Archaeoides, Kingsmillii Eucalyptus and the Red Beard Orchid, all of which have a rich connection to the country, story and dance of First Nations people. The iconic waratah (warada or wãarata in Dharug) is a flower relished for its nectar and often used in ceremonies. Huang integrates the anatomy of these elegant Australian flowers with motion-captured dance performances in direct response to the architectural form of the Sails.